High End Wines vs. Distinctive Wines

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High End Wines vs. Distinctive Wines

True wine connoisseurs know that not all wines are created equal. A bottle of wine picked up from the grocery store as you rush from work to tonight’s dinner party is not going to come anywhere close to being of the same quality as the top wines from Napa Valley. But what sets the two apart? And do distinctive wines fall in the same category as the best high end wines?

With countless wine varietals to choose from, it can be a challenge to know the difference between high end wines and distinctive wines, and to further determine which wines are truly high quality, especially if you are still familiarizing yourself with the world of wine. Read on to understand the difference between high end wines and distinctive wines, as well as learn what sets the highest quality wines apart and how you can identify the ideal high end wines for you.

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High End Wines vs. Distinctive Wines: What’s the Difference?

When you first begin to more seriously appreciate wine, it can be confusing to learn all of the necessary terminology. High end wines and distinctive wines are both referred to regularly within the wine community, and often interchangeably. However, there is a difference between high end wines and distinctive wines.

High end luxury wines are crafted with the highest quality grapes and produced via top-of-the-line systems, technologies, and production standards. As you might expect from the name, high end wines utilize only the best of everything, resulting in wine that is far above the rest in regards to its quality. High end wine is made in small batches, handled with the utmost care – it’s exclusive, indulgent, and extraordinary.

On the other hand, while you can have high end distinctive wines, distinctive wines are not necessarily high end by nature. Instead, a wine that is distinctive is a vivid reflection of its origin. Distinctive wines shine with the character of the grapes from which they were crafted and transport all who enjoy them to their vineyard of origin with a single sip.

Once you’ve been lucky enough to experience a bottle of high end distinctive wine, you’ll never look back.

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How to Identify High End Wines

For the new wine enthusiast, it can be overwhelming to try to determine the best high end wines. If you find yourself wondering what the qualities of the best high end wines Napa has to offer are, keep reading for our guide.


When wine is high in quality, its components are balanced. This means it offers the perfect blend of fruit, acidity, tannins, and alcohol. You don’t have to worry about excessive components that take away from its appeal – each element works together seamlessly. To ensure harmonious balance and craft the best high end distinctive wines, Davis Estates’ winemaker focuses on grape variety, terroir, and our meticulous winemaking process.


High end winemaking is no simple task. From choosing the grapes, crushing and pressing, and ensuring the ideal climate for fermentation and aging, each step of the winemaking process comes with a great deal of thought and consideration. Winemaking is an art that cannot be rushed – the best Napa wines are crafted with intention and care.

At Davis Estates, we’ve been perfecting our process since our inception in 2011. Our resident winemaker has studied under some of the most prestigious wine experts in Napa Valley, and constantly works to discover new ways to make Davis Estates’ wines better with each vintage. Our extensive process and vigilant attention to detail shine through every bottle.

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One of the most common misunderstandings about the wine tasting process is that taste is the central factor at play. In reality, however, your sense of smell is what truly defines your wine tasting experience.

75%-90% of what we think of as taste is actually smell, and as such, a wine’s aroma is crucial. When drinking a high end wine, you can expect many layers of aromas, ranging from floral, mineral, fruity, or earthy.

Additionally, a wine’s barrel aging greatly impacts its aroma. Winemakers choose the cooper and toast level of the inside of their wine barrels with care, as it affects the resulting wine. For example, wine aged in a lightly toasted barrel will carry a fresh wood aroma, while wine aged in a barrel with higher toasting levels can retain aromas ranging from sweet aromas of caramel and vanilla to deeper aromas of tobacco or coffee.

At Davis Estates, we pride ourselves on crafting wine that features complex, rich aromas.


True high end wines have an exceptional finish, meaning that the flavors and nuances will linger long after you take a sip. If you can still taste a wine over 20 seconds after you put down your glass, you’ve likely discovered a high-quality wine made with the best grapes and production techniques. At Davis Estates, our wines are known for their extraordinary finish, which highlights their distinctive nature.

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While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can learn a lot about a bottle of wine from its label. If you’re trying an unfamiliar wine, check the label to learn about the winemaker, brand, appellation, varietal, alcohol content, and more. Each of these details can help you discern whether or not the wine is considered to be high end.

However, take this advice with a grain of salt – if you’re looking at a wine’s label and don’t have much else to go off of, it’s likely that you’re shopping in a local grocery store, which often doesn’t carry high end wine at all.


Finally, it’s no secret that price and quality go hand-in-hand. High end wines may come with a higher price tag than a discount wine, but they are also crafted with high quality grapes and can be trusted to age well. Luxury wine, such as wine made here at Davis Estates, can start anywhere from $50 to $275 per bottle. True wine aficionados may choose to purchase their favorite wines by the case, allowing them to try the wines at various ages to determine the wines’ perfect consumption date.

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High End Wine FAQs

Still curious about the world of high end wines? Here are a few of the most common questions we receive.

What are high end wines?

High end wines are wines crafted with the highest standards, both in a viticultural and winemaking sense. High end wines are produced in smaller quantities, and are more expensive than their counterparts. Small lot winemaking takes far more time than large batch processing.

How much does high end wine cost?

The cost of high end wine varies. In most cases, high end wines sell for over $100 per bottle.

Where can I get high end wine?

High end wine is generally most commonly found DTC either online or at a winery. However, you can also find high end wines at various retail stores or restaurants.

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Enjoy Luxury Wines at Davis Estates

If you’re in search of the best wines in Napa, you can’t go wrong with Davis Estates. Our high end are a true testament to our winemaking expertise and tradition. Once you experience their unparalleled sophistication and excellence firsthand, you’ll want to take advantage of our Membership Program right away.